Marijuana and your rental property - Issaquah WA Property Management tips.

It is now legal for Washington State residents to buy and use marijuana. So what does that does that mean for you and your tenants? Do you have to allow your tenants to smoke pot in your Issaquah WA rental property?

You Can Ban (and should) All Smoking Of Any Kind where you property is in Redmond, Issaquah or even Seattle. 

Are you already banning smoking of any kind in your rental property like cigarettes, pipes and vaping? Then you can also ban pot smoking or even it’s overall use on your property. 
A tenant might say "it's the law" so you must allow it.  It's not  "the law" at the federal level so you still don't have to allow it and can ban marijuana as part of your lease.

If a tenant says that they have a medical marijuana card and only smoke for medicinal proposes, then ask to see the card.

Clarify Your Stand On Marijuana In Your Lease.  Let’s say that you're  against marijuana use of any kind at your rental property.  For this you should make sure that your tenants lease states clearly that marijuana use in any form is strictly forbidden.

Let’s say that marijuana issues pop-op after the tenants sign their lease and you don't have a clause prohibiting it.  Just fall back on your anti-drug policy that you (hopefully) included in your lease.

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