Easy Ways to Highlight Every Rental Property’s Most Desirable Features

Easy Ways to Highlight Every Rental Property’s Most Desirable Features

Do you have a rental property that’s coming up for Lease? If so, as the experienced property management firm we can tell you that there are very easy ways that you can market your rental property’s best features online and those ways are:

Highlight desirable Features with Great Photos

A picture is literally worth a “thousand words” online because it’s going to be the one thing that will either make a prospective renter want to contact you or move on to the next listing.

To highlight the desirable features that your rental has to offer, you should spend the time taking great pictures of those features because you will then be able to post those photos online with your property listing.

If your phone doesn’t have a great camera, you should consider hiring a college student or professional photographer for at least one hour to take those pictures for you because that will be an investment that will ultimately pay off.

Highlight Desirable Features with Excellent Video

These days just about every renter is used to being able to see a video walk-through of a property before they visit it in person. A video walk-through can save the time, money, and hassle of having to drive to a property to tour it in person only to find out too late that it doesn’t match what the renter was looking for.

When taking a great video of your property you should use the best video camera possible and make sure that you take the time to talk about your rental property’s best features because the extra effort will pay off in the terms of more interest in your property.

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