When can a tenant legally break a lease?

When can a tenant legally break a lease?

As one of the top-rated Property Managers in Snoqualmie Washington we are sometimes asked: “When can a tenant legally break the lease?”.

It’s not often, but we occasionally are asked if a tenant can legally break a lease. Which means they break the lease with no penalty to them. We’ve only run into this once when an active duty tenant was deployed overseas.

In this post, we will share with you some of the good and legal reasons a tenant can break a lease with no penalty.

The poor condition of rental property.

Washington state tenant-landlord law allows a tenant to break a lease of the rental property is in an unhabitable. For a property to be habitable it must meet the following criteria, have running water, be weatherized, have a reliable heat source and be secure.

Protections for domestic violence survivors, stalking or sexual assault, or unlawful harassment by a landlord.

Basically, this boils down to a tenant living in an unsafe environment.  The cause can be a harassing landlord unlawfully pestering the tenant, neighbors threating the tenant with violence, or if they are subject to domestic violence.

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