Rent report for May 2019

Rent report for May 2019

I’m looking at rental rates across the Eastside, primarily to verify my own observations. I’m calculation the rent price per squire from Zillow, NWMLS, and

Redmond’s average rental price per squire foot for a single-family home is $1.59, down from April’s 1.62.
Since January 2018 Redmonds rent rate has plateaued, this trend seems to be continuing.

Kirkland’s average rental price per squire foot for a single-family home is $1.62, up slightly from April and a new high.

Bellevue is a $1.81 down from April’s $1.90. Bellevue’s prices have seems to also plateaued of the last 18 months, moving slightly up and down from month to month.

Issaquah’s May average at $1.46 is up from Aprils $1.41. This area has been trending up lightly over the last five months.

Bothell’s May number is $1.30 and about the same as April. Bothell has been seeing a steady rent growth over the last several years and it looks like the trend is continuing, even with small pauses.



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