Real Estate Rental Services – What to Expect When You Hire A Property Manager

Real Estate Rental Services – What to Expect When You Hire A Property Manager

Are you considering hiring a professional property manager to help manage your Sammamish rental property? If so here is a general overview of what you should expect of them.

Advice on rental rate / preparing the property

The property manager should visit the property and let you know what you can expect to get in rent. Since setting a good rent isn’t an exact science we like to provide our clients with a range from low to high.

Your manager should also advise you on what you should be doing to prepare your home before listing it on the rental market and moving in your new tenants. As we are very experienced we are able to provide a vendor list and approximate costs.

Property Marketing

As the first step in marketing your property manager should take professional looking photos and video. Photos should show the whole house, including bedroom closets, so the prospective tenant can get a good sense of the layout of the home.

The ad text should be descriptive, but not misleading. Well formatted with a lot of useful information, like the schools, including utilities (if any) and the terms of the lease. There are lots of rental web sites and your ad should be posted to all of them, as you never know where that next excellent tenant will come from. Every lead should be follow up on, this is especially important when it’s a tenants market.

Tenant Selection

Before your property manager starts accepting applications you should make the prospective tenants aware of your rental criteria. Then the manager should place the most qualified tenant possible in your property.

Collecting The Rent

Most professional managers accept online rental payments, as well as bank bill pay and regular checks. Once the tenant’s check has cleared the bank your manager should electronically deposit your fund into your account and provide you with a statement detailing the month’s income and expenses with any receipts.


The hardest part of the professional property managers job is managing repairs and the maintenance vendors. We pride ourselves on having excellent repair people that do very good work and very good prices.

Serving The Owners and Tenants

Your manager should be responsive to both the tenant and the owner. Everyone wants to know that their home is being taken care of and that repairs are going to be made. Since the manager is central to this they should be informing everyone involved.

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