Eastside rent report.

Eastside rent report.

I was on the Zillow web site looking for good Eastside area data on rental rates for single family homes and condos. I was surprised to find Zillow does post some of their information here: https://www.zillow.com/research/data/

According to Zillow’s posted data for April 2019, the median rent price per square foot for a single-family home and condo are as follows:

Redmond $1.62 up from March’s $1.54.
Kirkland $1.59 unchanged from March.
Bellevue $1.90 up from March’s $1.84.
Issaquah $1.41 unchanged from March.
Bothell $1.29 slightly down from March’s $1.30.

Bellevue and Redmond rents continue to climb.
Kirkland rents appear to be flat when looking back 6 months.
Issaquah rents appear to be declining slightly over the last 6 plus months.
Bothell rents are slightly down this month but only slightly and shows steady improvement over the last 6 months.



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