Setting the stage for a positive tenancy – Sammamish Property Management tips.

Setting the stage for a positive tenancy – Sammamish Property Management tips.

One of the keys of successfully managing a Sammamish property is starting off on the right foot with a tenant. A tenant wants to walk into their new property and have it reasonable clean and in good repair. If it’s not the poor first impression will most likely cause issues with the tenant for the entire term of the lease.

Make sure to send the tenant all the need contact info for the utility companies. They should have the utilities transferred into their names before they take possession, having the contact information makes this a lot easier. In Washington State the water and sewer companies require the owner to contract them to have the tenants name placed on the account, so make sure to do this before the tenant takes over.

If there is an HOA or COA be sure to inquire of them what is needed. Most times they’ll want tenant contact info and some other info, like car make and model. Also there will most likely be rules and regulations that you’ll need to provide the tenant. Your lease should have a clause that states that the community rules and regulations are part of the lease and that your Sammamish property tenant is responsible for any and all fines for violations.

Before move-in inspect the property for repair items and get them fixed. Items that are often overlooked and almost always in need to attention are: burned out bulbs, loose towel bars and clogged drains. Also be sure to install smoke and CO detectors to your local code, or be sure to change the batteries if they are already installed.

Make sure all the keys and remotes work. As a professional Sammamish Property Management company we pride ourselves on our locks working correctly, which means getting copies from a professional locksmith. Home centers to often miss cut keys, causing the tenant to have to jiggle it to unlock the door. A trick we like to do with a door that has a dead bolt and a keyed knob is to replace the keyed knob with closet knob, or a knob that doesn’t have a lock on it. I don’t think any locking knob ever kept out an intruder, but it has locked out plenty of tenants. If your Sammamish property has a locking mailbox give the tenant one key and keep the other for yourself. If the tenant loses their key then just buy a new lock, they are cheap a super easy to install. Even locksmiths miss-cut the mailbox keys when making copies, so our Sammamish property management company doesn’t even bother, we just replace.

Confirm your parking spot, storage and mailbox numbers. If you’re not sure ask you HOA/COA they should be able to provide this to you. It’s also a good idea to inspect these before move-in day, if for no other reason than you know where to go when you show them to the tenant.

Our Sammaish Property Managers always make sure everything is removed from the property before the tenant takes over. Even if you think the tenant can use is, like dish soap, or a rake. The property always presents itself better when it’s absolutely vacant. This also sets the expectation that your Sammamish property should be completely vacant at move out.

Can I hold my tenant to the lease in a firm yet courteous manner? Most lease issues start with late rent, so you’ll need to be firm and charge the late fee. If you continue to allow the tenant to pay late with no consequences you may notice that the rent gets paid later and later. You also need to be courteous, acting angrily toward your tenant, or anyone, only makes things worst.

Don’t forget the outside, lawn mow and debris cleanup go a long way toward curb appeal. It also sets the expectation that when your tenant vacates the lawn should be neat and tidy.



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