Property Management Tips – Smart Technology for Your Rental Property.

Property Management Tips – Smart Technology for Your Rental Property.

It’s clear to see that smart technology is everywhere you look. Google, Alexa or Cortana have their digital fingers in just about every part of our lives. A good question is, should we add smart technology to our rental properties?

As a leading rental management company in North Bend WA we can tell you all the top technology upgrades that you should think about making for your property this year.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is on top of our list for a technology device that should be installed to a rental home in 2019. This smart device makes keeping the home at just the right temperature while also reducing overall energy costs. Reducing overall entergy costs reducing wear and tear of furnaces and air conditioners.

Smart Refrigerator

The “new kid on the block” is the smart refrigerator. These units are excellent for ensuring that everything in your fridge from your vegetables to your soda stay cooled at the correct temperature. What’s best of all about smart fridges is that with them you can easily keep track of what’s in your fridge and possibly use the apps on your fridge to reorder food or supplies for your home without leaving your house.

One of the newest bit of smart technology is the smart refrigerator. They are very good and ensuring that everything in them stay the correct temperature. Another cool feature to the smart fridge is that you can easily keep track of whats in it and what low and in need of restocking, like milk. Some can actually reorder items for you.

Smart Washer and Dryer

Does your rental property have a washer and dryer? If so, you should consider upgrading them to smart washers and dryers.

Having a smart washer and dryer will help your tenants to decrease their energy consumption while being able to efficiently get their laundry done because most smart washer and dryers can also be connected it Wi-Fi as well

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